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KZ RVs for Sale in WA and MN


KZ was founded in the heart of Northern Indiana’s Amish country and still calls this area our home. The first RV KZ offered back in 1972 was a truck camper and was designed, fabricated, and assembled by two employees. Then 12 employees. Then, we added travel trailers. And 20 employees. Then, fifth wheels. Over the years, as the product selection grew, so did the headcount. Today, the KZ campus covers 530,000 square feet of manufacturing space, includes over 600 employees and 12 product lines, and offers over 150 floorplans.

KZ is focused on becoming North America's most innovative RV company, continuing to lead the industry with new and inventive products, and building a strong foundation for its constant growth. Great ideas can come from anywhere, and KZ encourages all employees to critique our products aggressively. Our product development committee comprises representatives from every department who are tasked with sorting through the employee, retail customers, and dealer recommendations and developing those ideas into innovative new products.

Growth is exciting, but only if planned, and our growth won’t come at the expense of quality. KZ is a well-run, profitable, and well-liked company because its leadership team lets its employees know that it wants them to produce quality products and expects them to take ownership of that quality. KZ is committed to building RVs with the same quality we want for our families. This philosophy alone has influenced every step in the production process. It’s no wonder that KZ’s retail customer and dealer satisfaction index ratings are among the highest in the industry, which is why we offer a two-year warranty on most brands.

People make a difference; at KZ, our employees make all the difference in the world. As you’ll discover, no matter which of our dealers you choose to conduct business with, you’ll always speak with someone who takes you seriously and treats you respectfully. Quality products and business integrity are a way of life with all our KZ dealers

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