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Sell, Trade or Consign Your RV with Us!

Open Road RV Service Department near Seattle, WA

Unlock the hassle-free path to parting ways with your RV at Open Road RV, serving the greater Seattle area. We specialize in RV sales, trade-ins, and consignment, ensuring you experience seamless transactions with every step. Selling your recreational vehicle may seem daunting, but our commitment is to provide a stress-free journey from start to finish.

Experience a Streamlined Consignment Process

Our goal is to make the entire process simple, and easy. When you consign your coach with Open Road RV, we take all the proper steps to ensure your coach sells quickly, and at a great price for both you, and the new owner of your RV. Our dedicated team expertly handles every detail, ensuring your coach is sold at a fair price, benefiting both you and the RV's next happy campers.

Enjoy Complimentary Cleaning and Storage

At Open Road RV's accessible dealership locations, we proudly offer complimentary cleaning and storage for your coach. Our mission starts with presenting your RV in the best possible light to allure potential buyers the moment they lay eyes on it.

Rely on Our Professional Sales Force

With over 10 knowledgeable consultants, the Open Road RV sales team works tirelessly, often rehoming consigned RVs within the initial 30-day period. Your peace of mind is our top priority, as we actively seek out the right new owner for your coach.

Benefit from Expert Marketing Reach and Strategies

Specializing in RV advertising, our dedicated team showcases your RV on renowned platforms, ensuring exceptional exposure. From RV Trader, where we're a prominent customer, to our high-traffic website, social media, and beyond, strategic marketing is at the core of our efforts to expedite your RV's sale.

Advantages of Comprehensive Financing Options

Understanding that acquiring financing from a private sale can be challenging, Open Road RV collaborates with a variety of influential lenders. Our goal is to facilitate swift and straightforward financing for prospective buyers, contributing to the rapid sale of your RV.


If you’ve never heard of it before, you may be wondering what RV consignment means. RV consignment is a lot like clothing consignment, although on a much bigger scale. The process is simple, easy and painless. You retain ownership as we undertake the responsibilities of marketing and selling your RV. Our consignment service offers maximum visibility without the personal hassle of handling the sale.

Consignment fees differ across the board, some dealerships set a predetermined commission percent, while others charge a percentage based on sale price. Additional services can be included like detailing and tune-ups, although these services will be deducted from your final sale price.

Ready to proceed with RV consignment? Visit us at Open Road RV in Arlington & Monroe, WA, conveniently situated near Seattle and Snohomish, WA. Bring along your RV and any inquiries—our friendly team eagerly awaits, prepared to clarify all aspects of your RV consignment and trade-in options.

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